Are you interested in Influencer Marketing? 

Do you love to blog, post on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter, post on Instagram, Pin on Pinterest? The list goes on and on about how you can be an Influencer. But do you need to discover more places to find products to talk about?

There is an ever growing need to find places that offer products to Influencers. The sites and groups that I will be sharing with you will not require an Amazon review but instead, many of them request that you review and/or promote the products on your blog and/or social media networks. 

If you would like access to the list of groups and sites that provide these products for Influencers, please fill out the form below and I will send you the password so you can access the private web page. This will be an ever-developing list so I am not going to send updates to it through a regular blog post or general email. Signing up through this form will include you in the private email distribution list for updates about new opportunities or other major changes in the list. 

This is a private list and it will not be available to the general public. Some of these websites are open and available to everyone and are generally known in the Reviewer Community. But not all of these opportunities are intended for just anyone who is lucky enough to find the list or someone who is looking for an easy way to find free products. My list is intended for individuals who love writing and networking. People who love to share their honest opinion, people who simply like helping other people. My goal for this web page with a list of Influencer opportunities is to turn it into a place you can turn to find accurate information on reputable groups and sites that value Influencers and that value your worth. 

Please remember that this will be a list that develops over time. It is starting out fairly small and I have a lot to add over the next few days but I wanted to quickly share one that is open right now for just a short period of time, you don’t want to miss it!


Lynn Marie

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Subscribing to my site will not automatically subscribe you to this private distribution list for opportunities. You can use the same email, but you have to subscribe to the Influencer Opportunities separately. 

Life is about the map we follow and the treasure we find along the way