I have been reading posts in numerous FB groups all week and have seen that many people have questions, concerns, and even downright anger about AMZ Review Trader’s new 2.0 release. The changes and incorporation of  Tiers & Limits along with Word Count Grades has certainly generated a lot of buzz. I have been corresponding with AMZ RT about these issues this week and here is their latest reply which I received this morning.

This is a copy of the actual email, to make it easier to read and to avoid confusion I have changed the text color of AMZ Review RT’s replies to blue.

Please let me know if you have any more questions, I would be happy to follow up with them.  I know many more questions may be brought up after reading this.  Please leave me a Reply below here on the blog, if you leave a reply in one of the FB groups, I may miss it.  Thanks!

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for your email.

I have responded to your questions in bold – let me know if you need any more information and I’ll try my best to get back to you on it 🙂

From what I understand from your last reply, Word count average and total number of reviews are actual statistics taken from all of our Amazon Reviews, not just Reviews written for products we found through AMZ RT.
★ Correct, Yes or No. ★ Do you have an ETA for the update to be complete?

Yes, this is correct, it will take into account the last 60 reviews (including those written for non-ART products too)
Total review number = Total reviews on Amazon Profile
We hope to have everything updated in a few days as the team are working on this as we speak


Is a Confirmed Review the same as a Verified Purchase? If so, why is that since Amazon is taking away the Verified Purchase tag on Reviews and has already done so for purchases made up to early November.

Or is a Confirmed Review one that was completed up to a certain date and you are running it in batches to update? There must certainly be a huge amount of data to be collected so it would make sense to do it in batches until it is current.

★ What is your definition of a Confirmed Review?

A confirmed review is when a reviewer has purchased a product from the Review Trader site and then written a review, which our system then picks up as a confirmed review.
A verified purchased badge is nothing to do with us but Amazon’s term as they will verify those that have bought via Amazon and then reviewed thereafter. We aren’t sure whether or not they plan on keeping this permanently removed.


I think word count is a great indicator of a well-written Review but there are a few additional options Amazon offers us. ★ Will there be some sort of credit or status given for the number of pictures we have uploaded, whether it be average per Review or Total Number of pictures for all of our Reviews on Amazon? ★ If so, how will this impact our Dashboard statistics and what is your expected release date for that? (Always with the understanding that things happen and dates change, but it is planned for around this approximate timeframe.)

The ideal word count recommended by us should be between 200-250. Regarding pictures, we don’t yet have a criteria for crediting those according to the number of pictures they post.
Seller’s can see whether a reviewer is a ‘picture reviewer’ and then click on the reviewer and see the types of pictures reviewers post.


Videos! Same basic question, ★ will we receive special credit towards our levels, word count average or some other form of recognition on our Profiles for having Video Reviews? ★ If so, what is the expected or approximate release date? (same as above)

Same as above – see this link for more info: http://help.amztracker.com/article/127-review-club-numbers

I always leave a written review along with my videos but some people write a minimal amount such as an introduction and disclaimer, leaving all of the details in the video itself. In the FB groups, I have read many comments about feeling slighted or upset for doing videos instead of written Reviews, making their Average Word Count lower, when in actuality they have put a lot of work into it.

Several factors will make up a good reviewer – when a Seller looks at a reviewers stats, the video icon will almost always give the best advantage as it’s the most sought-after so I wouldn’t worry about the word count instance if you are leaving great video reviews. We can boost those reviewers to the next tier especially the ones who do great video reviews and are top reviewers. 


I certainly appreciate all the new features, the only thing I am missing now is a way to remove an item from my Dashboard once I have Reported It. I used to be able to click on the Hide button after I reported a problem. ★ Will Reported items be automatically removed from the Dashboard after a certain amount of time or will someone be going through each Report and removing it after it is investigated? Or will the Hide button be added back?

Please note, that once the item appears in your dashboard, you will only see the ‘report a problem’ button three days later. This gives Sellers a chance to respond to your email after you contact them.

After you report the problem, you then have to wait three more days before you can remove it from your dashboard, which gives you time to cancel the report if the issue is resolved. So, in short, you will still be able to hide items from your dashboard.


I have heard a little bit about the Seller Dashboard and understand that it is configurable. So they can see all of the same data points that are on our Dashboards right? I also assume there is a link to our Amazon profile. Do they see things like other Sellers we have reported or our notes if we have reported them? Reviewers worry a lot about retaliation when things don’t go smoothly for one reason or another. Do they see statistics like our average ratings given overall and/or broken down by categories?

To make this easy, ★ could you pass along a list of the data fields that are available to the Sellers to pick from to configure their personal Dashboard?

The things a Seller can see are:
Whether you are leaving images or videos,
Helpful votes
Confirmed Reviews
Reviews per month
When your last review was
Word Count
And they can see your Amazon profile page (so all the reviews that have been written)

They can’t see who has reported them or how many reports you have sent as that is only for our information so that we can resolve the issues with the Sellers

This information is not a request from anyone in the various FB groups I belong to, but something I would like to include in an article I am writing about the best site, and my personal favorite, to find products to Review. 🙂

I have also attached a link, which is from the AMZ Tracker help center so please feel free to share this as well because it’s what our Seller’s see and it explains what info they can see on our reviewers:

Some extra bits that we would appreciating you adding:

– Get caught up on reviews – it’s the best thing a reviewer can do to get their account unflagged

– Stop requesting things you don’t want to buy – when you have a high request volume compared with the volume you actually purchase, this flags up in our system and it looks like you have a really low review rate – please only request to review products you intend on purchasing and if you don’t purchase then always let the Seller know and then report via dash to remove it (don’t email us, there’s nothing we can do about this, unfortunately)

– If stats are off, give the system time to catch up – we are working on correcting these numbers as we realize there have been glitches with this whereby reviews are being removed or not being accounted for ; it’s something we’re definitely working to fix asap!

– All these changes are being done for the greater good of the RC (we realize not everyone sees it that way at the moment) we don’t want to penalize our good reviewers, we want to help them stay on top of their reviews as well as reward them with the tier system and ability to keep using the review club without having so many issues.

– Lastly, it’s just not possible for us to respond to every single email right away, which is why people automatically receive autoresponders linked to the help center, we wanted to educate our reviewers and help them help themselves in times of problems.

Thanks for your interest in our Review Club and we would love if you could share your final piece with us so we can promote it on our site and social media channels too as we really do want to educate our reviewers as best as we can.


Nav A
[email protected]

In response to their answer about videos, I already plan on asking them how a video reviewer can request to get their account moved up to the next level.  What will the requirements include? *All video reviews?  *A certain percentage of their reviews?  *Percentage of their last 60 reviews etc?  Please let me know if there are any other questions about videos you would like me to include with mine.

Thanks for stopping byOn a final note, would anyone be interested in helping to Review the various Review websites?  I am putting together a survey and if you would like to be included, make sure you subscribe to my blog so you will receive the information on participating when it is ready.

Lynn Marie


Note:  For those of you who always want to see proof of an email from the actual company, I can forward you the actual copy. I have not deleted any part of this email or added anything to the discussed items in the email. 







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