Which are the Best of the Best websites to find products to review?

Here is a listing of websites I have used to find products to review.  Some sites are better than others.  There are literally hundreds of sites, I am just including the ones I have found to be user-friendly and offer the best deals, promotions, free products, substantial discounts; all in exchange for your honest and unbiased review.

I do have a word to the wise, though, please don’t over- extend yourself.  Find a few sites that you know follow Amazon TOS and limit yourself to the number of products you can handle.  It is better to start slow than to be overwhelmed from the beginning.

amzThis used to be my favorite site to find products to review. They have changed a lot of their policies lately and their personal customer service for Reviewers does not exist anymore.  They do have a very well put together Self Help section. They seem to have the widest range of products available and the easiest way to request approval for product evaluations.  You can easily pick a product by hitting the Review Now button, you will get an email when you are approved or follow it in your Dashboard.  The Search function in the Shopping area isn’t the greatest but it is improving.  A great way to find things is to leave the Search field empty and search on the All Products Category, showing Newest Product first.
Do You Have Questions About AMZ RT 2.0?
Reviewer Community Questions to AMZ RT

Nice website with easy to use Dashboard. A range of free and discounted products iGiveaway Servicencluding household items, detox supplements, Bluetooth speakers, workout gear and more.

Honest FewThe products are not on the website, they email you a few deals a week. You do need to go there to enter the order number and review verification. Supplements and other basic items.

Honest Seedling
This is a very new site with only a handful of items right now but I really like their company charter so am excited to get started with them.

IlovetoreviewOnce you apply, you will start getting emails with available products. They feature nicer products than other sites. They have a great amount of information in their Help Files. After you receive the product, go to the website to enter the information and be sure to complete verification.

iReviewhomeSimilar setup to AMZ RT but they offer fewer products. This is a fairly new site.

NokiddingcouponsThis website takes some navigating, but you can find good things to review. You earn points for successfully completing your reviews, in turn, you use those points to claim new products.  The more points you have, the more you are eligible for and the products are nicer and more unique.  You can also purchase points if there is something you really want to review but do not have enough points.This site also has sweepstakes and coupons.  You have to jump through a lot of hoops to claim and enter them, but it does have a lot of things to pick from if you are interested enough. Sometimes I find the site distracting with so many offers jumping all over the place, lol, but it can be worth the effort.

product elf Amazon Product Review Website

Sign up on the website, they will email you when new products become available. They have free, $1.00, and discounted products. Great place to start if you are new.

Product Reviews USA Review Website Free Discounted

Review Kick Product Review Website Amazon

Tomoson has a lot of unique and useful items.  It is set up differently than others, you are approved for most produtomoson Amazon Product Review Websitects on the basis of your Total Reach, which is the combination of your number of followers for these Social Media accounts Facebook fans (not friends, but fans), Instagram, Twitter, YouTube channel and your blog. You don’t have to have all of these accounts, but the more you have followers for increases your odds to be approved for the promotion. When sellers post their products, they have to put their basic requirements for consideration.  You then apply and they review your profile to see if you are a match.  Most sellers also want to look at your Amazon Profile. An Amazon profile is mandatory to sign up with this site, but your Review Ranking is not tied to your Total Reach.

For Tomoson to include your Total Reach numbers from your blog or website, you have to have the Google Analytic plugin on every page. In WordPress, plugins are only available for the higher premium accounts that cost money, not the free account that most people use for their blog.  If you have input about Google Analytic on the platform you use for your site, please let me know.

Nice website, hang on to the password they assign you, you will need it to log in, the FTrueopinionorgotten Password link does not work. Very small range of products. Note that adult products may show in their Product List Dashboard. You apply for the products you want and the sellers choose you.

My friend Megan Marie has put together the longest list of sites I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing Megan Marie!  Massive List of Product Testing Websites!

If you have a site to suggest, please leave a reply, thanks!

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    • Hi Lisa, I am finding better sites and groups to be a part of, leaving behind any site that is hard to navigate or doesn’t have a very good selection of products. I would actually like to do some reviews of each review site, lol. What is your favorite website or email group, not including FB groups?

    • Thanks Maria, I am always updating it, trying to give a little bit of info on each site. I also delete any when I find that they don’t follow Amazon TOS or any kind of other major complaint. Let me know if you have any personal experience with these, thanks!

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