All About Me…. Lynn Marie

I am a wi
fe, mother, grandmother, former teacher, corporate trainer, and software engineer/developer who enjoys many things including writing product/consumer reviews for things our family will actually use, educating others on various topics and blogging. I have a special interest in emerging technologies for healthcare and “paying it forward.”

My favorite recreational activities and interests include reading, crafts, DIY, decorating, photography, graphic design, coloring books for adults, and working with essential oils. I also like to research and try out different educational activities with my youngest son and grandchildren, learn about new technology, and explore adaptive devices and equipment for the handicapped. Our whole family loves the outdoors and being in nature, staying in our RV, and just spending time with each other.

My husband is an engineer who deserves the Husband of the Century for everything he does for me. He is an avid DIYer that loves woodworking, metal fabrication, welding, CAD, 3D printing, electronics, and general technology.

Our youngest son loves hands-on activities like Legos, anything that is STEM and STEAM related, and photography.

I also have 2 grown sons that I am immensely proud of and 3 incredibly wonderful grandsons! Both of my sons are now married and I enjoy having such wonderful daughter-in-laws. It is nice to have some additional women in the family! I may have never got the daughter I wanted, but I certainly am blessed with my daughter-in-laws.

We live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We moved here to enjoy the adventure of the mountains and everything beautiful under the sun. We ended up moving more into the foothills after a few years so that I could explore my career more and was enjoying my dream job.  Then about 8 years ago our lives took a detour…..

The detour in my life has been uphill and downhill. Around dangerous curves and at times I have felt like there were no brakes. But God is driving and I know I will make it to the finish line but the road I am traveling now is so different from what we had mapped out for ourselves.

I hope to find the courage soon to share more about my detour and the life I am now living. It is so hard to share about things that are hard to understand yourself, how can you convey the emotions to others?

Life is about the map we follow and the treasure we find along the way

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