Did you know that coloring is the new meditation?

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Coloring is a wonderful way to relax and de-stress.  Just for you, I have compiled a list of special collections and eBooks to keep you supplied with plenty of things to color. If you are new to coloring and want to try now that you have some free resources, a simple set of pens or pencils is not that expensive.

I will be including some reviews of art supplies and books on this page also. There are no affiliate links on my page, these are here just to make people happy so I hope you enjoy the free coloring pages and books, as well as learn something new.

Please check back often for updates!

Printable Collections

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25 Free Coloring Pages for Adultsby Country Chic Cottage
Join the Adult Coloring Crazeby SuperMommyClub.com
Free Coloring Pages for Adults - 25 Gorgeous Setsby redtagart.com
More Great Free Coloring Pagesby muminthemadhous.com
Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Iron Man, TV Cartoon Charactersby Coloring and Crafts
Star Wars Free Printable Coloring Pagesby everythingetsy.com
Free Printable Coloring Designs for Adults 12 More Designsby everythingetsy.com
Disney FairiesCrayola.com
Disney PrincessesCrayola.com
Free Valentine's Day Coloring Pages for Adultsby CraftsonSea.com.uk
20 Free Coloring Pages for Adultsby CraftsonSea.com.uk
Free Animal Coloring Pages for Adultsby CraftsonSea.com.uk
Free Printables of Beautiful Flowersfrom buzzle.com
20 Free Printable Coloring Pages for Adultsfrom buzzle.com
Trail of Tears Adult Coloring PagesUpdates Monthly
30 + Totally Awesome Free Adult Coloring Pagesby The Quiet Grove
10 Examples of their 2015 Rose Themed Journalby maricazottino
Gorgeous Flowers Creationsby maricazottino
Mon Carnetby maricazottino
Free to Color Adult Coloring Pagesby Adult Coloring Worldwide
Winged Theme Examplesby maricazottino
15 Favorite Adult Coloring PagesDIYCandy.com

blue buttonColoring Pages For Adults Website 

This website has a great collection of coloring pages, and it is all FREE!. It has hundreds of free images ready to print. They are carefully divided into 45 categories with everything you can imagine. Some sample categories are Art Deco, American Indians, Royalty, India & Bollywood, Middle Ages, Fashion, Engraving, Russian Dolls. This is really something else, I am very impressed with this site.

kindle appKindle eBooks Free Downloadable Versions  

I share additional free eBooks on my FB blog page, be sure to follow me there if you want in on these free downloads. They are usually only good for one day so will not be added to the blog.

A Treasure Chest of Serendipity Facebook Page

How do Coloring eBooks work???  First,  you need to download the Kindle App where you have a printer. I am assuming your computer has a printer, so you might want to download a Kindle App for your PC or laptop. Click the Kindle icon to go to the download site, and then install the app on your PC.

You can also read the book in Kindle Cloud, requiring no app installation on your computer.

Order the Kindle eBook for FREE.  Always double check the price before ordering, prices can change at any time. Once ordered, open the book in your Kindle App or in Kindle Cloud.  You can usually find the link to the PDF download at the end of the eBook, occasionally they are in the introduction.  Once you have it downloaded, you can print the whole thing or just the pages you like, as many times as you want.

If for some reason the link does not work, contact the Author through Amazon. If they don’t respond, write a review for the book so that other readers know and it may get the author’s attention quicker if they haven’t already fixed it.


An updated list of the latest free ebooks is coming soon!

Free Downloadable Coloring Books  non-Kindle

Helen’s Fun and Creative Coloring Books for Adults by Helene Bondroit.  This is a beautiful collection of 20 full-size Mandalas   You simply need to subscribe to her blog by following the link contained in the book title.  The subscription is totally worth it!

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  1. I have always loved coloring. Its so much fun and relaxing! You can get a good variety of items to color for very little money.

    • Isn’t that the truth! With coloring you can stay as simple and inexpensive as you would like, maybe start building a great set of tools, or the sky is the limit.

      I like to concentrate on spending my money on my different sets I use to color with. I like to buy books too, but ones that are really special and I like the artist. Coloring book artists are one of the few groups of people I have found who just truly seem to love sharing their work! So many of them publish free ebooks for a limited time so you can see if you like the book before purchasing it. They offer certain pages as free downloads and encourage their fans to send in samples of their finished projects to share with other fans.

      Until you find those favorite atrists, there are countless free pages and collections to try. I hope you find some nice things for yourself in the page that I have put together. It has shown enough interest that I think I will maintain it but share the free ebooks on my fb page for my blog, it is much easier to post them there as soon as I find them. I hope that you will follow that also,https://www.facebook.com/Lynn-Marie-White-A-Treasure-Chest-of-Serendipity-523666944478135/

    • Hi Valentina, it is really great. I hope you check out all of the free resources I have shared. There are literally pages and books available for any interest you might have. There are so many great options to use too, gel pens, colored pencils, crayons, combinations of them all! Then you get into different types of the same medium, like with gel pens you can have metallics, glitter, neon, swirls! That is why I wanted to share about the CulaLuva set. There are 58 different colors and 2 black. Talk about options!!!

      But if you need me to help narrow it down for you and let me know what kinds of things interest you, I can make some suggestions on what sets or books you would want to try to color first. For example, do you like gardening, nature, abstract art, patterns, animals, etc….

    • It is nice to have something so easy to do isn’t it? You can just let yourself be with no outside pressure to be anything else but yourself. I am glad you stopped by, I hope you enjoy all of the free coloring resources I have shared!

    • I remember back in the 80s there were gel pens to write with, these are even more fun. I love how the colors are so rich and full. The set by CulaLuva even has six in it caled swirls, it makes the image look like I used watercolors on it!

    • Thanks for stopping by Jacqulyn, it is a great way to stay sharp isn’t it? I liked the unintentional pun, or intentional, about staying sharp! As in not only our minds but keeping our colored penciils sharp too, lol. Or maybe I just need some coffee, either way it brought a smile to my face! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Now that I’m a grown-up, I don’t get judged for coloring outside the lines and I can make the dog blue and the sky purple if I want to. It’s very freeing πŸ™‚

  3. Thank-you for a wonderful post. I loved coloring as a child. Just recently purchased an adult coloring book. I have always loved gel pens. I am a back to school supplies lover kind of gal. Crating is my passion and using gel pens is just a part of my everyday.

    • Ah Hello Heather! I love all the school supplies too, I always had more fun than my children getting all of it together, writing their names on it all etc… I am so glad to meet other people who enjoy crafting. I got out of it for a long time but am going back more and more. I have some wonderful boards on Pinterest for crafts. If you are on Pinterest yourself I even have an extremely active group board for crafters. Even though I am not there much myself all of my group boards are doing so well and just run themselves for the most part. I have been very lucky in getting the right kind of people involved in them.

  4. I love coloring, especially when it’s something that lets me mind wander and assign colors as I see fit πŸ˜‰ My fave coloring book so far is Kaleidoscope; busy designs for my busy mind! My mind feels so much clearer after I color in that one ☺️

  5. Is there anything better than an activity that makes you feel like a kid again without the mess of most of those kid again activities? I don’t think so. See also: all of the pretty colors!

  6. I love that with coloring I can be creative without having to concentrate too hard on what I’m doing. I can color and let my mind wander and just relax. I have only used colored pencils so far, I’d love to try gel pens πŸ™‚

  7. I love all the beautiful colors…a dozen of us could color the very same picture different and each one still be beautiful.

  8. Colouring is cheaper than therapy! I have a chronic pain condition that has been gradually getting worse over the past 2 years and now I’m at the point where I spend most of my time in bed. Colouring help me get through my day!!!

  9. OMG!! I am so excited I feel this contest is screaming my name. I wish I would of seen it sooner. I literally color my adult Zen/stress coloring pages at work all day. I work at all call center talking on the phone to customers all day, I literally color at least one zenpage a day as I work 11 hour shifts 6vdays a week. It keeps me focused on my job!! I didn’t see anywhere howi submit the pictures after coloring them to enter?

  10. Just getting started so I am trying to find out what I like to use the best. And to build up a collection of intersting things to coloe.

  11. Working in a stressful place like a hospital, I love to incorporate coloring as my “me” time. Gives me a time to look back and relax. Creating something beautiful that takes my mind of the high level stress!

  12. I’m just getting started. I’ve bought all kinds of pencils, gel pens, markers and sharpies. Also a few books. Now sit down and start coloring. I used to color the fuzzy posters. Still have a lot of them to color too.

  13. I love to coloring because it helps me de-stress!! I am a model, pageant girl, and an online college student so life can get busy and stressful but coloring helps lot!!

  14. I love to color because it really helps to ease my mind from stress and helps keep me relaxed so my Fibro pain dos not flair too bad

  15. Love love love your site, I just discovered this morning. SOOOO much good info. I love gel pens for rich colors and coloring for relaxation. Thanks!

  16. I’ve been drawing patterns like these for years, even when I was a kid lol, I got laughed at so much. I still color in disney coloring books haha… But I actually draw disney and other characters and such now.

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