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Product Review :: Exercise Ball #liveinfinitely

Product Review :: Exercise Ball #liveinfinitely

Exercise Ball – Professional Grade Anti Burst Tested with Hand Pump- Supports 2200lbs- Includes Workout Guide Access- 55cm/65cm/75cm/85cm Balance Balls (Purple, 55 cm)

This ball will not let you down…

I ordered this Professional Grade Exercise Ball on the promises that it made concerning it’s anti-burst properties and it’s ability to hold a lot of weight. I wasn’t sure what size to order so I contacted the company and they got right back to me; I ended up ordering the Purple 55″ one. I am 5 ft. 5 in tall and weigh around 230. I have had three back surgeries and have chronic health problems that really limit my activity. I need to build up my core strength and my muscles in my back that have been damaged due to the surgeries.

I want to build up strength so that I can sit at the computer desk, in front of my photography booth while I take pictures, or maybe in front of the TV for short periods of time. I have seen these used in offices and have talked to people who say that it makes a world of difference, if you can find the right ball. Of course the worst thing that could happen to my pride and my back would be for the ball to burst unexpectedly and leave me on the floor. I know I am overweight, I don’t want a purple ball to emphasize the fact.


* The ball fit me perfectly, just like their customer service rep told me it would
* The purple color is more of a soft lavender, very feminine
* The ball has raised anti-slip ridges
* Made of heavy duty, Latex free, PVC
* Tested extensively, it is not going to break unexpectedly and I am not going to land on the ground on my bum
* Log on to www.liveinfinintely.com/foreverflex for their free workouts, exercise ball routines, free bonuses, and free PDF poster


* None

It took me several days to learn to sit on this and feel at ease and I still can not do it for a long time. Part of that is due to a learning curve and part of it is due to extreme caution. I just have to be exceedingly careful not to injure my back in any way. I don’t have anything to compare this to since I have never tried to sit on one of these before. It is soft, certainly softer than sitting in an office chair even while using extra seat pads to help with pain. I feel confident that I can build up some strength by continuing to increase the time I spend simply sitting on the ball.

When I received this, I noticed right away on the front of the box that it says it has a limit of 2200 pounds. I thought that was a typo on the product listing and the limit was 220, lol, but I was going to try anyway since I am so close to that weight. I was very happy to see it was not a typo! The box contained the ball, two plugs, a plug remover, and the hand pump. I tried the hand pump and it works but then I cheated and sent it outside with my husband to be filled with the air compressor. I didn’t know I would have to fill it 80% full and then wait 24 hours for it to stretch and then fill it some more, so be sure to read the directions. Your ball will be properly inflated when the outermost edge of the ball is the same distance from the wall as the size ball you bought. For example, I ordered the 55″ ball so the instructions said to place the box it came in 55″ from the wall. When the ball fits exactly in that space – from the wall to the box – it is full.

A properly sized ball should allow your knees to be at a 90 degree angle while sitting on it with your thighs parallel to the floor. For those of us who may not remember what parallel and 90 degrees mean, your body should essentially make the shape of a chair when you are sitting on the ball. Your thighs should go straight out in front of you, your legs bend at your knees, and then go straight to the ground. Your knees should not be higher than your thighs and your feet should rest on the ground, not hang in the air.

This exercise ball is great for beginners like me and I think that people who have used one before will really like the features this one has such as the anti-slip ridges and the no burst construction.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I ordered this Exercise Ball -Professional Grade Anti Burst Tested with Hand Pump- Supports 2200lbs- Includes Workout Guide Access- 55cm/65cm/75cm/85cm Balance Balls (Purple, 55 cm) on Amazon and received it for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All ratings are earned and never promised; all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own and I am in no way associated with the manufacturer or seller. I received no compensation other than the product sample. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.