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Product Review :: Startonight Wall Art Canvas

Product Review :: Startonight Wall Art Canvas

Startonight Wall Art Canvas Maple Tree

Startonight Maple Tree PaintingThe painting appears very much like it does in the product description on Amazon. I believe this is the famous tree in the Japanese Garden in Portland but I could be wrong. I have seen the tree in person and this is a very nice representation. The print actually looks better in person, the yellows are bright and crisp and it looks really glorious to me hanging on the wall. I love photography and trees, so I thought this would be the perfect match for me. I also love unique things so the idea of a glowing photograph was intriguing.

Beautiful print but fails to glow

The technical specifications are correct and it is well constructed and easy to hang. I won’t bother repeating the product listing information again since I am sure you have read it. I will go straight into my thoughts and experiences with the painting. My problem with this product is that it does not glow like the product description promises it will. I have had mine ‘charging’ straight across the hall from a huge window for over a week now. That particular hallway gets direct light almost all day and when the light starts to fade I have been turning on the lights in the hallway and the connecting rooms. Every night my husband takes it down and into our bedroom where it is very dark. With absolutely everything turned off, my husband says that he can see a very faint glow in one area along the top edge, but I can not.

Today I even propped the picture up on a different window sill so that it was directly against the window for several hours and still it did not glow when I took it into my walk in closet. The concept is not hard to understand and there really is no way of doing this wrong. I am going out of my way to charge it with direct sunlight and then direct overhead lighting also. When I take it into a dark room, it should glow. I have even tried shining a large LED desk lamp on it for a few hours before turning off the lights in the bedroom to no avail. I have tried every suggestion that was sent to me when I inquired about my problem.

I think my video will show more than anything how the picture is beautiful but fails to glow. I also need to call to attention that in some places in the product listing, as in the title, for example, this is listed as a painting and in other places, it is described as a print. I think that is misleading to initially call it a painting and go back and forth with the terms. A painting would be valued at much more than a print. In view of these issues, I have to rate it negatively. If this had been marketed as just a photographic print, my rating would have been much higher.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I ordered this Startonight Wall Art Canvas Maple Tree, Nature USA Design for Home Decor, Dual View Surprise Artwork Modern Framed Ready to Hang Wall Art 23.62 X 35.43 Inch 100% Original Art Painting! on Amazon and received it for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All ratings are earned and never promised. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own and I am in no way associated with the manufacturer or seller. I received no compensation other than the product sample. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


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