Question :: Reblogging

Question :: Reblogging

blogging questionsI love reading other people’s blogs and many of their posts often inspire me, giving me things to really think about and learn from. Other bloggers share great craft ideas i would love to try or think my readers would find fun. I also love finding great recipes, though I could and would never cook them myself. Maybe someday! My bookmarks are always full of incredible ideas!

I think that is why I love Pinterest so much. You see an idea and can grab it to Pin, or now that they have changed it, you can Save it. By the way, are they going to change the name to Saverest now they have renamed the button, lol!

what is rebloggingCircling back to my question, what do you do when you see a great idea on a blog? What exactly is reblogging? What happens when you push that button? I imagine my computer will explode or Bugs Bunny will pop out of my screen saying No-No-No!  Is reblogging where  you just write a few sentences and then that person’s whole post is now on your blog? Or is reblogging taking inspiration from what someone else has written and expounding on it, sharing with your reader’s how it has affected you, how it has inspired you?

questions and more questionsWhat is the etiquette? Every time I have shared something I have contacted the owner and asked. Is it okay to just hit the reblog button without asking? If someone has inspired you is it okay to just tell them after the fact or is your ping-pack enough notification to them?  I have also seen where people leave a message in the comments afterwards.

What do you do?

I hope there is some knowledgeable blogger out there who can answer my question for me, and I hope that it answers someone else’s question too. I have usually found that if someone has a question about something, they are not the only ones!

Life is about the map we follow and the treasure we find along the way




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  1. I’m very new at blogging, so I am still finding my way. I’m interested in your question also as I’m never sure if I’m doing something wrong or breaking the rules. I’ll keep checking your posts for all the answers! Thanks!

  2. I do not know if there is proper etiquette for reblogging. My assumption is this: If they did not remove the reblog button, then they are okay with you reblogging their post. Always give credit to the author. I try to remember to tell them in the Comments section. Some people have reblogged my posts without notifying me. It is okay with me. That is my take on this topic.

    Also, there is the Press This button. For a YouTube video on this feature, click here:

    • Hello Dear Rose, Thank you so much for finding a video about the ‘press this’ button! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on reblogging and what you actually do.

      What about people who don’t use WordPress? They don’t have the option to have that on their posts. Maybe bloggers should have some guidelines on their blogs about their expectations for content sharing?

      You always leave such great feedback, thank you!

  3. Hello Alysha, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I always love to chat with people who read my posts.

    At first reblogging seemed it would be straightforward and simple, and oh so helpful! But then I read a few articles from people who had problems with their content being shared. Of course, no one wants all of their posts copied word for word. But what is the standard?

    One image and a link? No images but a link is okay if permission is given first? Hit the reblogging button and the whole post is shared? Is that what happens or not? It is great Rose found a video for us to watch with some more thoughts on the subject.

    So if they have the buttons on the site it is assumed it is okay to repost and/or ‘press this’. I will find out what the distinction is between the two and will reblog something from Rose’s site to see what actually happens when I hit the button. I don’t have the buttons on my site and I have noticed that you don’t either. I am self hosted so probably need to add a widget to my blog to have the buttons. Are you self hosted?

    • My wordpress thingy is hosted by Hostpapa. I have absolutely no idea about buttons and things but am learning slowly. I’m not even sure what happens to someone after they subscribe to my blog! I think I really need to find out! Most days my fibro fog won’t let me retain any info at all so mostly I go round in circles trying to figure things out. I’ll get there… slowly…

      • I haven’t heard of Hostpapa Alysha. But if you need any help I am pretty good at poking around and figuring things out. I used to work in software development before I got sick, I am behind on technology a bit now but can still pull some tricks out of my bag. I met one of my very best friends Jody by just answering a question she had posted about how to do something on her blog. We have so much in common it is uncanny at times!

        That is what I have enjoyed the most, getting to know people like Jody, Ani, Rose and now yourself just through chatting about our blogs. 🙂

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