Missing Reviews? Affiliate Links?

Missing Reviews? Affiliate Links?
Missing Reviews? Affiliate Links?

I just read a very interesting post in the Top Reviewers forum on Amazon. Have you been missing some reviews you wrote on Amazon?  Have all of your reviews been deleted? Reviews deleted by Amazon? Here’s why by Maine Colonel

I completely agree with the good Colonel.  Vendors are manipulating the system but so are the people out there who call themselves Reviewers but are only interested in freebies.

As a serious Reviewer though, the most interesting part was about bloggers.  I had never thought of this before but I think it is something bloggers should be aware of.   “Some people post reviews on Amazon and then link to the review on a blog. If someone clicks through to Amazon from the blog review and buys the product, the blogger has it set up so that they receive affiliate pay from Amazon. Reviews like this are also being removed by Amazon, because its terms for reviewers do not allow reviewers to receive any payment for a review other than a free copy of the product.”

What are your thoughts on this?  Do your reviews link back to Amazon? Would love to have some feedback from the blogger community. 


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  1. That is extremely interesting. Thank you for sharing. It actually makes perfect sense. It’s thin, legally, but it’s Amazon and they make their own rules. If your blog is linked to your Facebook that could account for some issues as well even if your social settings are not linked to your Amazon account. It’s a brilliant madness this Amazon stuff….

  2. Ok, I am pretty sure I follow what the discussion is…but sometimes, just to mention for newbies, the seller will ask you thru, for example a tomoson promo and it is part of the agreement to share and to link to the product URL, and I do all of that if a seller or group is requesting it be done…BUT I NEVER LINK TO MY REVIEW, the actual review, I ONLY LINK to the product URL itself!! For you new to review peeps this is what should be done and question, for seasoned reviewers are we in danger buy linking to a product URL, also some sellers offer compensation for blogging, I am correct in thinking this is legal and safe bc it is our website and they are hoping to generate traffic? IDK I just never wanna be on the short end of the info stick when it comes to Amazon bc it seems weekly I read warnings to reviewers and with all the group drama it is very hard to know if you are making a mistake.
    Lynn Thank You very much for this article and I hope we can all bring some light to keeping everyone safe and happy Sellers, Reviewers, Bloggers, and of course Amazon 🙂

    • From what I understand, you are doing it correctly. The problem occurs when people are affiliates with Amazon, meaning when someone follows their link back to the product and buys it, the Reviewer is compensated monetarily. There is no problem linking back to the product if you are not an affiliate, in fact that is encouraged.

      You can absolutely review products on your blog for money, but not if you are also reviewing the item on Amazon. Amazon is very strict about that and you could lose your account. If you are just posting it in your blog and through social media, go for it!!! That means you are doing a great job when sellers come to you and offer you products or money to review something for them. However, you must be sure to include a disclosure on the actual review that you were compensated.

      For anyone new, linking back to your actual review will give people access to your Amazon Member Profile. Normally that would not be a bad thing, but there have been a lot of cases recently where people have been Downvoting other people’s reviews. Participating in any kind of Downvoting or UpVoting campaign is against Amazon’s Terms Of Service, or TOS. You can lose your account and all your reviews will be wiped if that happens.

      It is great that we can share what we know and help each other out. I have learned so much since starting and I appreciate all the input I have gotten. I have been talking to another blogger who has written a fantastic article on the things that will get you kicked off of Amazon faster than you can say a peep. She is going to be sharing that with us, hopefully this week.

      Thanks for commenting Lisa, I am sure we will be talking more soon. 🙂 Lynn Marie

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