Just for you! Thanks, Relaxation and a Contest

Just for you! Thanks, Relaxation and a Contest

Life isn’t all about Reviews….

Did you know that coloring is the new meditation?  I hope you all come and check out what I have set up! Anyone out gel pens in cupthere like Coloring Books for Adults?  I have compiled a whole page of links to countless collections and some free Kindle downloads with instructions on how to print them.  I am also starting a Contest with some fantastic prizes that include 3 sets of 60 gel pens, 2 copies of a newly released coloring book along with three other coloring books for adults.




You have 2 ways to enter. You can do a quiz that I know square w'syou know all of the answers to or you can enter the coloring contest. 

I am not exaggerating when I say there are countless printable sheets for you along with all of the downloads! I was amazed at everything that I was able to find.  I want you to be able to relax and enjoy yourself, you all deserve it!

Brought to you by CulaLuva, Donna Hull and my own personal Valentine, Mr. White.

Remember, life is about the journey you are one and the
treasures you find along the way!serendipity signature teal


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