In May of 2007, I went on a business trip to Asia visiting Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, and Japan.  Little did I know it at the time, but that trip changed my life, and had a negative effect on the lives of my husband and children also. It took over a year of countless trips to doctors and a 5-week stay in Rochester getting tests run at the Mayo Clinic before we even began to understand what was going on with me.

While I was on my business trip, I became very ill.  My joints were swollen, I broke out in a horrible rash of tiny purple dots, I suffered from severe migraines and fevers. I had no idea what was really going on even after a trip to the ER in Thailand and then in Japan.  I began to feel better about a week after the first symptoms appeared, then I would suddenly relapse and the cycle would start again.  Soon I began fainting with no warning, that was the scariest part.

At the Mayo Clinic, I was diagnosed with Dysautonomia.  At the time it was a little known or understood disease outside of the top neurologists.  At that time I couldn’t even find information on it through my countless internet searches.  My doctor at the Mayo Clinic theorizes that my symptoms were being caused by a combination of the effects of Dengue Fever, which I had contracted on my business trip, and West Nile Virus, which I had contracted a few years before that.

This is the easier way to explain the reaction my body had after contracting both viruses, which is very rare.  Dengue and West Nile are actually sister viruses.  It is very unusual for anyone to contract both of them.  These two sister viruses hate each other and when they were combined, they went to war against my body.

On this page I will be sharing about my health conditions, giving updates, new research, and hopefully some effective ways to cope.

Current Diagnoses: Dysautonomia and POTS (my new doctors disagree with the Mayo Clinic, I am trying to sort that all out!) Fibromyalgia  ::  Chronic Pain :: Post-Laminectomy Syndrome :: Diabetes  :: Carpal Tunnel  :: Chronic Fatigue  :: Migraines.  I will be sharing more about the different diagnoses and how they affect me as I go along.

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