Finding Serendipity

Finding Serendipity

Well, some of my regular readers may have noticed I have been offline for the last few weeks.  I was on another doctor ordered break from everything….  My heart beats at an exceedingly fast rate at times and the doctors have been trying different things to get it to regulate.  I have been reluctant to speak too much about my health of here though I have referenced issues such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain. For me, those are just the tip of the iceberg, and believe me, they are enough by themselves!

This blog started out as a vehicle for sharing what I have learned about writing product reviews. Then I realized that writing product reviews gave me something that I didn’t even know I needed. Something I wasn’t looking for. Something that I didn’t even know I needed.

I connected to people. For the 7 years prior to that point I had been completely hiding away from the world. I was at such a great place in my life before that. My career was just what I wanted, my husband and I had made it through the ups and downs of raising our children and were soon to become empty nesters. I was looking forward to the honeymoon years we never had. My life wasn’t perfect but everything we had worked so hard for seemed to be working out. Then I got sick. I got very sick.

I am still sick 8 years later and I will always be sick. I am not saying that because I am giving up, I am saying that because dealing with chronic illness means that at some point you have to have acceptance. Acceptance doesn’t mean that I have given up hope and have lost my faith. It means that I needed to ground myself and accept that my life has changed and I will never be the person that I once was or the person that I had planned and dreamed of being.  As with any great challenge in life, it  changes who you are at your core level.

I have talked before about wanting to share about my health but to be honest I have never known where to start.  So I have just decided to start from today. Today I am anxious to get back to work after being cut off from all of you for almost two weeks. I have so many things to catch up on and so many reviews to write.

I am making a public commitment today and announcing that I will be sharing more about the things that really matter in my life. My health, my family, our family growing to become a grandfamily. In the middle of everything else going on in the last 8 years, my husband and I adopted our youngest son. We are a grandfamily now because he was actually a child we thought of as our grandson, though he was only related by marriage.  When grandparents adopt or start raising a grandchild they are often called a grandfamily. Grandchildren and adoption are things that are very near and dear to my heart so I will be sharing about them also.

To keep everything straight and make it easy for you to pick and choose the posts you are interested in reading, I will be including the name of the category in the post titles. They will go something like this:

Product Review ::  XXXXXXXX
Health :: XXXXXXXX
Grandfamily :: XXXXXXXX
Inspiration :: XXXXXXXX
Coloring for Adults :: XXXXXXXX

I hope you all continue to stick with me as I share my journey and the many different ways that I find Serendipity in my life. Or is it Serendipity finding me?

Lynn Marie

Life is about the map we follow and the treasure we find along the way

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    • Thank you, Rose! It has been really hard these last few weeks. I have a lot of catching up to do also with reading everyone else’s latest blog posts.

      It isn’t really a new role being a grandfamily, it is just something I have never talked about publicly before. Some people know that our youngest son is adopted but only a few people outside of the family know the circumstances of it. We are actually coming up on our 3 year anniversary of his official adoption, late in November.

      Chat more soon!
      Lynn Marie

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