How I am getting $297 worth of fantastic merchandise for only $34?

How I am getting $297 worth of fantastic merchandise for only $34?

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I have been lucky enough to be picked for some great opportunities the last two days.  I am receiving these products for free or at a promotional discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I was approved to review a handmade glass tea set, Christmas presents for my husband, 3D Virtual Reality goggles, a 50 foot hose and a few more items.  I saved 89% by doing this, only having to spend around $34.00 for approximately $297.00 worth of fantastic merchandise!

Oh, I almost forgot, I am also getting this wonderful brace for my arm.  I have spent so much time on the computer lately I think I have developed carpel tunnel syndrome!!!

A huge THANK YOU to all my new followers, I almost have 200 new blog followers and 200 more Twitter followers in less than a week.  I’ve also gained connects on Instagram, FB and Google+.  Thank you for all the new connections, I will be busy following you all back!

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