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56 Free Coloring eBooks

56 Free Coloring eBooks

Do you love to color? Do you love free things? 


LIfe is about using the whole box of crayons

Note: This list has been removed as it was very much outdated, check out the Coloring for Adults page for the latest updates on free books, thanks!

If you love coloring, today is your lucky day! I double checked my list from last week and all of those are still available and I added over 30 more, giving you a total of 56 eBooks to download now.

You know how Amazon is, though, the prices can change at any time so make sure to grab them while you can. Double check the prices before ordering.  I checked all of these and they are free as of Sunday, July 17th, 3:00 MDT.

Coloring for Adults  If you aren’t sure how you download the eBooks to actually color them, the publishers include a PDF download link in them. For more information on how to do this, see the instructions on the blog’s Coloring for Adults page. Don’t forget to check out the list of Free Collections while you are there.




5 New Sources for Great Discounted and Free Items for Product Reviews

5 New Sources for Great Discounted and Free Items for Product Reviews


new chrome blue
I have added 5 new sources for you where you can find some wonderful products to do reviews on


I now have a total of 15 opportunities listed, one of them is closing to membership soon.  The new ones include 2 email groups, which I love! They are similar to many of the FB groups I am in, but their products are better and have many unique things that I haven’t seen available in FB groups.  As an added bonus, no drama!  I then have 2 new websites I am using and one limited time opportunity.


Click on the following link for full details:  Finding Products
Thanks, and Happy Reviewing!

Do you have a great site or group that you would like to recommend?
Please leave a Comment and let me know.


Earn 7% Cash Back at Amazon + Double Cash Back Retailers

Earn 7% Cash Back at Amazon + Double Cash Back Retailers



I normally wouldn’t interrupt a holiday with a blog post, but today Amazon is doing something they normally never do.  You can earn up to 7% cash back on your online purchases.  If you love a good bargain or are a Product Reviewer, this is the perfect time to save even more money!

Other retailers which participate all the time in cash back are offering double cash back today.  Check out these great offers: 7% cash back from Walmart, 8% from Kohls, 8% from Macy’s and many more, see full list below and make sure you use Ebates for all your online shopping.

You can even install an add-in in your Chrome browser that will remind you when you are doing your online shopping if that store offers cash back or has any promotions or coupon codes available.

You will actually receive a check in the mail quarterly, and if you are an online shopper, this will add up fast.  I use this service and have received about 200.00 since starting to use it about a year and a half ago.

Happy Thanksgiving!

cash back

cash back 2


How I am getting $297 worth of fantastic merchandise for only $34?

How I am getting $297 worth of fantastic merchandise for only $34?

I have been lucky enough to be picked for some great opportunities the last two days.  I am receiving these products for free or at a promotional discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I was approved to review a handmade glass tea set, Christmas presents for my husband, 3D Virtual Reality goggles, a 50 foot hose and a few more items.  I saved 89% by doing this, only having to spend around $34.00 for approximately $297.00 worth of fantastic merchandise!

Oh, I almost forgot, I am also getting this wonderful brace for my arm.  I have spent so much time on the computer lately I think I have developed carpel tunnel syndrome!!!

A huge THANK YOU to all my new followers, I almost have 200 new blog followers and 200 more Twitter followers in less than a week.  I’ve also gained connects on Instagram, FB and Google+.  Thank you for all the new connections, I will be busy following you all back!