Serendipity treasure_chest_of_serendipitySerendipity: The effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something truly wonderful, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated.

Have you ever had any Serendipitous moments in your life? Have you suddenly realized that you have stumbled across something really great while you were looking for something else completely different? And you didn’t even know you were looking for it! You have suddenly found something wonderful and you didn’t even know you needed it, were interested in it, or maybe even knew it existed.

I started a new hobby late last year just for something to do. I literally accidentally clicked the wrong link on a search engine page and ended up on a website that explained how people receive discounted and free items in exchange for their reviews on Amazon.  Well, that in itself is pretty cool, right?  It is certainly Serendipity! I always knew I loved a good bargain but never believed it could be this great of an opportunity if you worked hard enough. Serendipity!

But something even greater occurred. In the process of becoming a Top Reviewer on Amazon, I realized that I had found a part of myself again. How can you lose a part of yourself you ask? Well, that is a long story for other parts of this blog but for now I will just say I have a new understanding and perspective of my life.

I have started sharing more about my life along with sharing some of the jewels of inspiration I have found as I have rediscovered my life. Many of these jewels of inspiration are people just like you and me in many ways. People who struggle with their health, family, faith, and so many other things.

I have found I am not alone in my struggles and that has also been a moment of Serendipity.  If you have struggled with something a great deal you might understand this. You are not happy someone else has suffered, you are just happy to know that you are not alone. You are happy you have found someone who understands what you have been through or are continuing to go through.  You have found support and empathy.

I hope as a reader of this blog you experience Serendipity as we explore many wonderful things about shared interests; but also things about yourself that bring Serendipity to your life.


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Life is about the map we follow and the treasure we find along the way


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    • Thanks for the feedback Melissa! I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested, but if I have even one person interested that is enough for me 🙂

      Do you think you would be interested in reading actual posts written by people overcoming challenges or just inspirational quotes with pictures, maybe a short paragraph to go along with it?

      You have woken up my creative side with all kinds of directions I could take this in, thank you!

    • Thank you Rose, it is always comforting in a way to know you are not alone in your struggles Of course you don’t want anyone else to feel this way, but the knowledge that you are not alone is liberating.

  1. Working through the rough spots in life seems to create a great sense of self awareness and allow one to notice some of the joys that we had been taking for granted. I find myself being more mindful a relishing the things I am doing – for myself or with others.

    • Hello Jasper, That is so true! Now that I am disabled and have to spend so much of my time resting and in bed, I have a great deal of time to think and reflect on my life. My life before I became sick and my life as it is now.

      My life is slower, much slower! But I value the little things so much more, and the big things I didn’t recognize before. I especially value the time I am able to spend with my children and husband, time that was previously spent working too many hours in a career that I loved but that ultimately left me with nothing but many lessons learned.

      Once I mentioned to someone that in some ways my life is better. How can that be when I deal with constant pain and other issues? My life is better because I truly value the things that should have always been the most important things, but weren’t.

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and to leave a comment, I really appreciate it!

      Lynn Marie

    • Hi Cytherea, I am so sorry for the late reply. My husband was approving comment posts when I wasn’t feeling well earlier this winter and I missed this!
      I am so glad you like the site! I actually don’t consider myself to be that great at coloring. I just watch YouTube videos and for me it is knowing that what I am coloring is just a way to relax. If I make a mistake and can’t correct it somehow, it is no big deal to me.
      I have been feeling a bit better lately so am going to be updating my Coloring page soon with some great links for more free coloring resources (I hope everyone loves FREE as much as I do!), some links to great videos to watch if you are interested in different techniques, and some fantastic DIY Craft ideas on some really great things to do with completed coloring pages that you really love!
      Once again, thank you for reading my blog and following along. I love hearing from readers!

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